Part 1: Visualization of volume data and the need of interaction (Timo Ropinski)


Within this part, we lay the foundation for the rest of the tutorial. We review common classes of interaction tasks in volume visualization, whereby we delineate direct from indirect interaction paradigms. To bring previous work into a common context, we will analyze interaction techniques by considering them as the method for changing parameters of volume visualizations, whereby the domain, in which the interaction is applied, plays a central role. We will further discuss how different paradigms can be used to either modify spatial parameters or to alter global, non-spatial parameters. Based on these observations and classifications of general interaction tasks, we will derive interaction tasks in the context of volume visualization. We will show how these tasks can be investigated from a semantic point of view or a technical point of view, e.g., selection vs. picking. From a technical perspective, we will derive and discuss the common basic demands these tasks have, and address challenges related to 2D and 3D interaction. Furthermore, we will discuss discipline-related specifics of these tasks, as they occur in many areas exploiting interactive visualization.

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